Plants up to 15 litre sold by the shelf

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“Happy with the quality, happy with the price and very happy that everything I order is delivered on their own transport.”


Cordyline Southern Splendor – 5 Litre 60-80cm
Escallonia ‘Crimson Spire’- 5 Litre 30-40cm
Euonymus jap. ‘Green Spire’ – 2 Litre 20-25cm
Euonymus jap. ‘Marieke’ – 2 Litre 20-30cm
Imperata cyl. ‘Red Baron’ – 2 Litre 40-50cm
Lavender ang. Alba – 5 Litre 25-30cm
Mahonia med. Charity – 10 Litre 40-45cm
Osmanthus burkwoodii – 10 Litre 60-80cm
Panicum virg. ‘Rehbraun’ – 5 Litre 30-40cm
Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball – 25 Litre 40-50cm
Rosmarinus off. Prostratus – 2 Litre 10-15cm
Verbena bon. ‘Lollipop’ – 2 Litre Cut Back
Viburnum davidii – 15 Litre 40-50cm