Plants up to 15 litre sold by the shelf

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“Happy with the quality, happy with the price and very happy that everything I order is delivered on their own transport.”


Carex Buchananii – 2 Litre 30-35cm
Carex fol. Irish Green – 5 Litre 30-40cm
Carex Red Rooster – 2 Litre 30-35cm
Liriope musc. Big Blue – 2 Litre 15-20cm
Miscanthus sin. ‘Gracillimus’- 2 Litre 30-35cm
Miscanthus sin. ‘Kleine Silberspinne’- 2 Litre 30-35cm
Panicum virg. ‘Rehbraun’ – 2 Litre 30-40cm
Pennisetum alop. ‘Little Bunny’ – 2 Litre 10-15cm
Phormium Bronze Baby – 5 Litre 60-80cm
Phormium Rainbow Queen – 5 Litre 50-60cm